New Beginnings, New Horizons.

Another new year has begun. Resolutions have been made, and started with enthusiasm. Goals have been set, some are unrealistic, some so simple they can’t fail, and some that push the limits of what you know you can do. I have made both resolutions and goals for the year 2016.

Normally they’re about the typical things, weight loss, eating well, etc. But this year I’ve decided that those never work, so why should I set yet another resolution or weight loss goal I’m not going to make and add yet another negative thing to my list of things I agonize over when anxiety takes hold? I decided I’m going to focus on happiness and learning, reading and crafting, friends and family.

So, this year’s resolutions:

  • To do things that make my husband and me happy;
  • To learn at least one new thing (i.e. photography or paper-making); and,
  • To spend more time with friends and family.

I have two goals for this year:

  • Finish my cross stitch kit that I started about two years ago, and
  • Read 75 books.

Finishing the cross stitch will require simply spending more time on it. Reading 75 books will require a lot more determination. That’s 6.25 books every month, or one book every 4.86667 days.

In 2015 I read a measly 5 books of my 50 book goal. So why push myself to read 75 in 2016? Because I know I can. Because I simply didn’t read for entertainment in 2015. I left life get to me. I forgot about my hobbies and focused on finishing school with the best grades I could manage, and then threw myself into a new job. I want to change that this year. I want to live and be happy. I want to see new horizons. Thus, the name of this blog, New Horizons Ahead.

Niagara Falls, August 2012. Photo by me.

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