Sad days. Good books.

I was at work on Sunday when news broke of David Bowie passing away. It was surely a sad day. I spent most of the day humming the little bits of various songs of his that I could remember. Then, on Monday, I found more of his music and listened to it. I also vowed to watch Labyrinth again.

Today, I awoke to find messages on my phone. While checking them, I perused Facebook where I saw someone posted a RIP Alan Rickman picture. Confused, I went to my laptop and opened the news to see a ton of articles about Mr. Rickman’s passing. As saddened as I was by Mr. Bowie’s passing, I was left feeling numb after reading of Mr. Rickman’s passing.

Every year at Christmas, my husband and his dad love to joke about the “Die Hard Christmas Special”, since Die Hard inevitably plays on many movie channels on Christmas. The Harry Potter movies are some of my favourites, along with the books. As much as I felt a connection to Snape by the end of Book 7, Alan Rickman brought the character to life and made me truly love him.

Severus Snape Quote, found on Tumblr.

There are many movies starring Mr. Rickman that I have not seen yet, but have always said I would watch. Now I feel as though I must rewatch old favourites along with finally sitting down to watch more of this very talented man’s work.

On that same theme, I feel the desire to reread the Harry Potter books and watch the movies again. I’ve begun to set in motion plans to have a Harry Potter marathon with a couple of friends. Now though, I am going to go crack open Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I kind of feel like rereading these is ‘cheating’ on my 75 book goal, as I initially set out to read the books I have yet to read on my shelves, but I figure such a sad day needs a little happiness, and the Harry Potter books have always made me feel happy.

My collection of Harry Potter books, along with the collection of characters who hang out on my desk.

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