Twelve is a good number. Lots of things come in twelves; eggs, donuts, and roses, to name a few. However, being twelve books behind in your reading goal makes the number look like a bad one. I let myself get behind and then just kept slipping. Other things like games and movies have convinced my mind that they’re better than reading, however I know this is not true. A good book can relax me faster than a good game or movie can.

In order to remedy this deficit in my reading, I’ve acquired some new books. The first one, Fractured by Kate Watterson, I picked up from a nearby drug store after I’d found myself with some time to kill before catching my bus to work. I chose it because the description sounded interesting and I liked the cover art. Normally, I don’t buy books from the drug store, but I didn’t want to walk all the way back to the bookstore, a big chain store called Chapters. Partially because the drug store was right beside the bus stop, and partially because I knew I’d never leave the bookstore if I went in.

DSC_0025Fractured is the fourth book in a series, which I found out after I’d started reading it, though you’d never guess it was. I’m not very far into it, mainly because The Black Hand by Will Thomas (book #5 in the Barker and Llewelyn series) came in for me at the library and I was more interested in reading that. However, the book seems to be really interesting.

A few days after getting Fractured, I found myself wandering through Chapters with a friend. An employee came up and asked if we’d been told about their promo. You could get double points on books for a limited time. Always interested in racking up more points so I can earn enough to get a free book, I set about looking for some books I was interested in buying. In the end, I settled on 11/22/63 and Finders Keepers by Stephen King and two bookmarks featuring cute owls and sayings.

Stephen King has long been one of my favourite authors. I began reading his novels when I was about twelve (there’s that number again!). I remember sneaking them from my mum’s bookshelves at first, since they were not the books she initially wanted me reading, but eventually she relented and I got to read whenever I wanted. The only trouble I ever had with them was when I’d take them to school and the teachers saw me reading them. Apparently Stephen King novels are inappropriate for twelve year olds, who’d have thought?

My final acquisition was just yesterday, when my friend Ryan wanted to meet up at Chapters. After declaring that I wanted to buy the Barker and Llewelyn series, but being a stickler and wanting to get them in order, I went searching for the books in store. They had one copy of book 6 and one copy of book 7.

I wanted the books badly enough, and having just finished The Black Hand, I reeeeeaaaaally wanted to read Fatal Enquiry so, I gave in and purchased Fatal Enquiry, I couldn’t find the copy of Anatomy of Evil so I went looking for another bookmark. I found one that fit perfectly with both the book and me. It’s dark blue and says “Happiness is a cup of tea & a good book”, which I fully agree with!

Now, off to go do some reading!