Reviews and a fungi

In my April post, I mentioned reading Fatal Enquiry and Anatomy of Evil by Will Thomas and Fractured by Kate Watterson. I finished Fatal Enquiry pretty quickly, but the other two took some time to finish.

The latest books in the Barker and Llewelyn series managed to completely enrapture me, though I didn’t have as much time to devote to Anatomy of Evil as I would have liked. Fatal Enquiry, which had Barker and Llewelyn on the run for most of the story while trying to solve their latest case, came along at a time when I had two days to devote to reading. As with the other books in this series, I raced through to the end, finding myself unable to put the book down.

Then, between work and the rare time my social life picked up, I lost track of Anatomy of Evil. It ended up sitting in my backpack, waiting for me to look in the smaller front pocket where I keep the books I read while waiting for the bus and my wallet. When I finally realized I still hadn’t finished the book, I fished it out of my bag and sat down to read, excited to still have one more book in this series to read. Anatomy of Evil took Barker and Llewlyn down yet another strange path, this time looking for the now infamous Jack the Ripper. I quite enjoyed Thomas’s take on the Victorian era serial killer, though some of his descriptions had me gagging.

After finishing the last available book in the series, I took a small break to rest my eyes from reading. I went for a short walk with my hubby and our dog to a field nearby, where we happened to find some interesting mushrooms growing along the edge of two tree stumps. I, being the odd duck that I am, decided to snap a picture, for no real reason, so I’m adding it to this post.


Last night, I finally finished reading Fractured, which I bought at the nearby drug store in April to read while waiting for the bus. This novel, the fourth in a series though it works just as well as a standalone story, follows Homicide Detectives Ellie MacIntosh and Jason Santiago as they search for a brutal serial killer, with the help of their mutual therapist, Dr. Georgia Lukens.

At first, I found this story slow, dry, and hard to get into but once I hit the halfway mark, things began to get interesting. The pace picked up, and a few clues were given that allow the reader to form some theories on who is going about brutally killing men. By the time I reached the three quarter mark, I’d pretty much figured out who the killer was, but couldn’t see how they were going to get caught. My only issue with this novel is that it ends on a strange cliff hanger, which I can only assume is an attempt to hook the reader into looking for the next story. I liked this novel enough that I’ve decided to see if my local library has the rest of the series.


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