Weight Loss Update

After much reflection on what to do with this blog, I have decided that I will include more regular updates about my weight loss efforts, as well as the book lists and reviews. I’m trying to work on a schedule for posting and a more defined list of what I will be posting about. Please bear with me as I make these changes.

So, in that interest, I have decided to create a new category called Health and Wellness and it will contain all of my weight loss, moderate low carb way of eating (woe), mental health, exercise, and other health related posts. I have started some new things, kept up with others, and all around felt better over the last few months.

This is a piece of clipart I found using a Google search.

Fist off, an update on my weight loss: I’m currently at 35 pounds lost. I haven’t been tracking my inches lost very well, but I found a notebook with old measurements from 2015 in it. From that last measurement to today, I’ve lost 3.5 inches from my chest, 3 from my hips, an average of 5 from my thighs, and an average of 1.75 from my upper arms. Overall, my clothes are loose and I am now down one size in most shirts and pants (some brands still don’t fit right).

Now for the new things. Someone in one of the Facebook groups I’m in mentioned the Hogwarts Running Club. I don’t run, but I do walk a lot. They don’t restrict their group or races to just runners, if you walk or bike, you can join too. They use an app called Charity Miles to log their miles. So far I have begun walking a lot more, and I completed my first ever 5k. I had to do it in 2 parts, but I walked 5k in a day THREE times since joining this group. It’s really playing into my geeky side and everyone there is so encouraging it makes my face hurt from smiling!

Another thing I joined due to a recommendation from someone on a Facebook group is Nerd Fitness. This is a fitness site with a very nerdy/geeky focus. It touts ‘leveling up your life’ and goals are called ‘quests’. I signed up for their Nerd Fitness Academy and am currently working my way through their quests and doing their Beginner Body Weight Workout, which is kicking my butt at the moment. I know it will get easier, and I intend to keep going!

Unfortunately, somewhere in March I managed to really injure my foot. My GP figured it was only bruised tendons, but turns out that I have two old fractures and must now go to see and orthopedic surgeon. This has set me back in both my walks and my workouts, but I will get back into things!


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