Guest Post ~ I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours: How Pinterest Changed the Crafts Game

Note: This is a guest post by Sandra Coleman.

There was a time, not all that long ago, when the term ‘crafts’ conjured up images of grandmothers and knitting needles, or maybe the crocheted afghan that always hung on the back of Roseanne Conner’s couch throughout each season of the television show.

These days, however, when thinking of crafts, most people think of a little white ‘p’ with a red circle around it.  It’s the Pinterest logo, and you either know it well, or you’ve probably heard about it.  Pinterest launched in 2010 and has become a phenomenon with various demographics, many of them crafters.


A quick search through Pinterest reveals crafts that definitely do not conjure up visions of grandma.  Sunflower string art, horseshoe wreaths, beautiful hand painted mason jars, and distressed wooden signs are just a few of the crafts that I scrolled by in the first thirty seconds of tapping my Pinterest app.

According to, Pinterest now boasts over one hundred million users, and yes, you did read that right, one hundred million.  That’s a lot of Pinterest boards.  Over 85% of users are women, and being a user myself, I would wager that a huge chunk of those are either crafters themselves, or those who purchase crafts from others.

Pinterest isn’t just a place to look at and pin pretty crafts, though.  Many small business owners, including those with Etsy and Facebook stores are finding a way to use Pinterest to their selling advantage.  One only needs to create boards and pin their own crafts for sale to have the potential to drive up visibility, foot traffic, and even sales in their online stores. Online statistics from show that 75% of Pinterest users have purchased something that they saw on Pinterest.

But, it seems that most Pinterest users, this one included, just want to ooh and ahh over the handmade paper flowers, share pictures of immaculate craft rooms, and occasionally try our hand at making glitter ornaments, and that’s ok too. So, whether you are already a crafter, or just like looking at pretty things, log onto Pinterest and check out a crafty board, or even make one of your own. Oh, and don’t forget to read about the ‘Seventeen Hot Glue Gun Tricks That Will Change Your Life.’ I’m still reeling from that one, myself.


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